Business Solutions - Enterprise Project Management

They say Project Management is three parts science and one part black art. Projects big and small fail on a regular basis. Cost overruns and long delays are commonplace. At QBT, we spent months researching why projects fail to achieve their goals. Understanding why projects fail allows us to teach our clients the essential steps to managing a successful project.

Some basics:

  • Project Management has a definite beginning and end
  • The common factors involved in any project are:
    • Time
    • Cost
    • Scope
    • Quality
  • Effective project management is the ability to deal with changes to any or all of the four factors above and still meet the client’s expectation that can change at any time.
  • Project management requires specialised skills and years of experience before true competency is achieved.

QBT’s project team is highly qualified and has many years of practical experience managing projects in Australia, the Far East and Africa.

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