Client Case Studies - Enterprise Project Management

Recently, a large insolvency and reconstruction accounting firm was using MS Excel
for project management on large operations. Tbe use of such inadequate tools led to a
complete lack of organisation. the company found QBT through Microsoft’s
referral website, and sought assistance in implementing, customising and training
staff on MS Project.

Insufficient project management experience was revealed and the company decided to
implement Enterprise Project Management (EPM) to manage a major client. This project
saw over 40 staff members involved in the voluntary administration of a large mining

QBT’s Project Management was successful and resulted in the firm seeing improved
workflow structures, communication and efficiency. Project deadlines and milestones
were set and 40 staff can now be given tasks with clear views and management.
Managers can track the status of each project and easily view informative reports.

We helped the firm track project progress, resource allocation and tasks, generate
management reports and provide project cost analysis. Plus, we provided technical
training, project management concepts and more effective EPM methods. QBT are still
providing support as it is required.